Sunday December 7th, 2008· 9am-1pm

5th Annual Motor4Toys Charitable Exotic Car Show
21555 Oxnard St. Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Dec 7
70° - Sunny
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The Motor4Toys event for 2008 is well under way! Due to the overwhelming success of the Motor4Toys event for the past four years, we exceeded the 1,000+ capacity parking lot at Countrywide! This year we are at the Anthem Building in Warner Center. Groups are STRONGLY encouraged to arrive early.

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Entrance is FREE. We ask that everyone please bring at least one new, unwrapped toy valued at least $10 as your entrance, to show your car and for your raffle ticket (1 ticket per toy - no limit). Last year we raffled off everything from engine performance chips to a weekend at Racing School. Don't miss out!

REGISTRATION: Not a must, but please register with us so that we can get an idea for the turnout ahead of time. If you would like us to hotlink to your club's website, simply register your group.

MANDATORY! Everyone attending (showing a car or not) must sign a simple liability waiver. You can download the waiver here. Having this filled out before you arrive is highly recommended (one per car). We cannot allow you to drive onto the event lot without a completed waiver!

We project that the 2007 event will have media coverage leading up to and on the day, so be prepared for camera crews. Please be respectful of what they are trying to do.

As much as possible, we work with generous donations from individuals, companies and organizations that care.

The Mattel Toy Store is proud to partner with Motor4Toys for the 5th Annual Charitable Car Show. Download a flyer that offers a 30% DISCOUNT on all toys purchased for entry to the Car Show.

Let's help Motor4Toys reach their goal of 30,000 toys for children in 2008. Go to for more information on store locations. Be sure to visit our booth at the Car Show!

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· Location  · Anthem Building, Blue Cross, Woodland Hills
· Financial Sponsor
· Traffic Control · We'll do our best! Please DRIVE SAFELY, be patient and follow rules of the road.
· Parking lot attendants · Volunteers Needed
· Motorsports related items donated for the raffle / drawing
· Standy-By ambulance for the day and/or Trained First Aid
· Portable Restrooms & handwash stations · Andy Gump
· End of day volunteers to help count, bag and load toys into the trucks (stick around to help)





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